Saturday, January 25, 2020

Overview of Our Services

With Dixon Consulting & Development (DCD) you can rest assured that your IT development needs are in good hands. Our ever expanding skills can help you; whether you are simply looking for a fresh presence on the web or need help streamlining your internal business processes.

Most Software Development projects require many different skills in order to get the job done. In many cases you will need a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Database Administrator, Software Developer, Quality Assurance, and let's not forget about training. While some of these roles can be fulfilled by a single individual; you typically need more than just an everyday Computer Programmer to meet all the needs of a Custom Software Development project.

About Our Clients
Most individuals in charge of selecting a software development company tend to think that a local company is the only way to go. After all, having the ability to waltz right in to your software development company‚Äôs office is a good feeling.  However, with today's technology and the many talented software development companies out there, who is to say that your neighbor is the right fit for your development needs.
Many of our clients have never entered the doors of our home office. That's not to say that we haven't met. With the advance of Virtual Meeting technologies (see Cisco Meeting Place) , and Desktop sharing applications (see Mikogo)  there truly is little need to rely on local business to fulfill your I.T. needs. 
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